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Where Do Christian Singles Meet?

Everyone has their opinion on why so many Christians are single from being too picky or there not being enough godly men or women to choose from to feminism and more. However, the truth be told—it’s just been difficult for genuine and mature Christians to find one another.

When I was in my late 20s and early 30s, I had the Legacy conference to look forward to every year in Chicago. I just knew I’d meet some men my age and sisters in Christ to hang with. I did meet various men and experienced the norm.

The norm is everyone you may be interested in may not be interested in you. No matter how awesome you are—you still have to submit to God’s timing for a reciprocal God-honoring relationship. It simply was not time. At least, I had a place to look forward to meeting and seeing godly men. These are the things that provide evidence against the lie that there are no godly men out there and vice versa for the men regarding women.

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