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How to Pick a Spouse is one of the most recent books I’ve read. It shares great insight on dating for marriage. The author, Dan Chun, had a singles ministry in Hawaii. 14 divorces occurred out of the 143 couples married over 20 years under his ministry.

Those are good numbers. All the more reason to read his book, “How to Pick a Spouse.” I won’t ruin the read for you, but will share some key things I got from the book. I thought the 7 C’s in picking a spouse was really good information.

Character & Chemistry in Choosing a Spouse

Character is a person’s moral compass. It is more reliable to build on when talking about relationships than something like good looks—although that’s important too. The author points out honesty as a good representative of character. This should show in small things like showing up on time, telling the truth, and keeping promises. The opposite would be poor character and someone to avoid building something as serious as a relationship to lead to marriage.
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