Did You Know the Divorce Rate Isn’t 50%? | @intercession4ag @trackstarz

The Divorce rate isn’t 50%. Shocking, huh? I know. This is information found in Shaunti Feldhahn and Tally Whitehead’s book, “The Good News About Marriage.” She has made the bold discovery that the actual divorce rate is much lower than 50%. The oversharing of the 50% ratio in media and churches has become discouraging to those who may otherwise choose to get married or to fight harder for the marriages already had.

Shaunti doesn’t want people going into a marriage thinking they only have a 50% percent chance at making the marriage work. Even worse, she doesn’t want couples to choose only to cohabit together in place of marriage because marriage seems harder. The truth is those who cohabit before marriage have a higher rate of divorce (The Truth About Marriage, 2014.)

Of those who have been married to their first spouse, 72% of the couples are still married together in 2009. This means there was a remaining 28% of those who were married to their first spouse who were no longer married in 2009’s Census Data. However, the data doesn’t distinguish between those who aren’t married due to divorce and those who aren’t married due to widowhood.

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